Rest In Peace Shri K C Das Ji

Late Shri K C Das


Kamaleshda (Sri K C Das) is no more. He was struggling in the hospital for last 15 days. Both the kidneys were not functioning and suffering from mild septesomia. Complications were acute and aggravating . Finally he left for heavenly abode on 26th October 2018  at around 12.30 pm.

Shri KC Das at Gangtok
Kamaleshda retired from service on 31.3.2001. In the TAC (E) people loved to say the NICOA as "Kamaleshda da"s association. The ever present name of  CONFED / NICOA was popularly identified by the name of our great leader ----KC Das !  The charisma of this name is present even today-- an impact even after almost eighteen years of his retirement!
He had a wonderful personality to assimilate with  any kind of people, hard or soft, Coarse or delicate, big crowd or small group and to come out with a flying colors. Whether it was a stalemate state at one Region or a stubbornness of a CEO. Evidence was galore. How he blended the purpose of the company and the welfare of the officers; how he used his love, humanity and prudence.His mesmerized smile and friendly behavior could conquer many managerial decisions in favour of the benevolence of the officers.
Have we ever tried to see that what was the state of affairs of the officers of General Insurance Industry 30/40 years back? It was not smooth to enter into a chamber even of a Scale 4 Officers in those days. Our leaders and the fellow members have turned and tuned many service conditions in favour. Kamaleshda was one of such great leaders. As a successful organizer he overcame many tough agenda one by one. His acumen in leadership achieved some difficult mission in a smooth and easy manner.
In those days, in the capacity of Divisional Incharge or Regional Incharge, every evening, 4/5 colleagues used to avail the joyride of KC's car on the way back home from office. A deep sympathy  and a stable fellow feelings made it possible to continue this act of joyride for a continuous period of 15 years !
One more lesson from his life was his enviable personal relations.His connections with other family members was so natural and simple, that many of them used to share their personal feelings on various individual  interests. In a word he was a friend of many family members. Because he had a spirit and taste of modulation on subjects. ( Many of us are limited in dodging our dialogues within Claim, under insurance, sensex or Radcliffe- line).
NICOA will always miss and remember such guiding lights.
NICOA will always miss and remember such guiding lights.

31 thoughts on “Rest In Peace Shri K C Das Ji”

  1. Debaditya Ganguly, NIAOA says:

    KC Das no more? Stunned. Perhaps this had to happen one day but I can’t still believe it. He, all through, was the perfect epitome of an association activist and leader of people. His loyalty, dedication and most importantly, his truest conviction on ones faith were supreme and have motivated small people like me no end for the last three decades I can only bow down to this great and eternal soldier of CONFED. Salutes to you KCda.

    1. A N Podder says:

      Truly a profound homage to the People’s man that Shri Kamlesh Das was. I join you all with my humble respects to the departed soul.

  2. Cyrill says:

    KCda was the most loved leader in the CONFED set up and his eternal smiling face and his whole countenance had a unique charm making him loved by one and all. I join all the CONFED colleagues in their grief and pray Almighty to grant eternal rest to the departed soul. I also pray the Heavens to grant strength to his family members to bear the loss.

  3. S S Yadav says:

    Aah , a senior very loving, dedicated trade unionist, human being is lost. My sincere tributes to him. SS Yadav

  4. Yogesh joshi says:

    It’s a shocking news about the sad demise of our great leader and mentor Shri. K C DAS. I am lucky to met him on various occasion especially in union meetings. I love to see and try to meet him on my official visit to HO. Find him very humble while meeting to any officers and always try to help officers community. What we stand today in respectable position in society or in front of top management is due to his personal efforts and dedication whole heartedly for the welfare of officers community. Certainly we will missed him. We pray to God for his soul remain in peace and give courage to all family members to bear a great loss. Omshanti

  5. Kasturi Sengupta says:

    The passing away of Kamaleshda is like an end to an era to me.He was my father’s friend and was a father figure to me in this industry.

    He was a much senior person and I just a new young lady officer 30 years back ..Days and social outlook and office atmosphere were different we lady officers we were much outnumbered in Kolkata, especially

    Kamaleshda had the ear to listen ,a mind to understand and a hand to offer support …as a NICOA( those days CONFED ) head..he was a leader in the true sense..a person whom we trusted always and who was there in the hour of need for us.

    I pray the departed soul rests in today’s world of emoticons..I miss him more..a sincere and emotional person with a large heart

  6. S.K.Majumdar says:

    Salute to this man, whose dedication for the officers community in National was unparalleled. May his soul rest in peace.

  7. Soumi Biswas says:

    May his departed soul rest in peace. And god gives his family the strength to bear the loss.

  8. BARUN BHADRA says:

    May his soul rest in peace in heaven.

  9. Siva Prasad Petla says:

    We remember you Sri KC days Sir and will miss u. May Almighty give the family and all of us the strength to bear this invaluable loss.

  10. Prithiraj Nandy says:

    May his soul rest in eternal peace & tranquillity. My heartfelt condolences to the members of the bereaved family. May GOD give them boundless strength to his family members to bear this irreparable loss.

  11. Suresh J Shah says:

    We pray to almighty god to give peace to his soul and courage to his family to face this situation. OM SHANTI

  12. Hemant H Desai says:

    Shocked to know about passing away of Shri Kamlesh Da.
    We pray almighty to rest his soul in eternal peace

  13. Anamika Ghosh says:

    My first Regional Manager. And a gem of a person he was.! It took me a while to adjust to the fact that he is no more.May God be with him in his next life and may he bless us from his heavenly abode. My heart goes out to his entire family in this hour of grief. May the hand of God protect them always. May his soul rest in peace.

  14. Paras Jain says:

    Shocked to know about passing away of Shri Kamlesh Da. We pray almighty God to rest his soul in eternal peace.
    Vinamra Shradhanjali,Om Shanti.

  15. K S SHASTRY says:

    May his soul rest in peace

  16. V K GUMBER says:

    May the departed soul rest in peace and God give strength to the bereaved family to bear this irreparable loss.

  17. Dhirendra Nath Das says:

    Sri Kamalesh Das will be remembered by all who came in contact with him. A good person and an able leader, he lent his hand in making our Officers’ Association more active and stronger. May his soul rest in peace.

  18. Sumukh Dashputre says:

    It is a great loss to all. I pray the God Almighty to give courage to the grief stricken family to bear this irreparable loss and overcome the sorrow. We equally share the sorrow of his family. Vinamra Shraddhanjali.

  19. N Banchur says:

    Deeply saddened by the death of beloved Kamleshda . He will always remain in our memory. May his soul rest in peace !!

  20. A K Acharya says:

    Extremely sorry to hear the sad demise of Kamlesh Da and pray Lord to allow the noble soul to rest in peace in his heavenly abode

  21. C S Das says:

    Just heard the sad news. May his soul rest in eternal peace.

  22. Madhav Chatterjee says:

    Thank you for sharing.Kamalesh da’s death is an irrepairable loss for us.He was a man with a very strong personality.When i was,in asansol i came across many of his close associates who always remembered him and praised his boldness.He was very close with Gourab banerjee who was very shocked when i gave him the news.He recollected and shared with me some memorable events with kamalesh da which he still remembers.May his Soul rest in Peace

  23. Satinath Bhattacharya says:

    It is really painstaking and hard to believe that our famous Kamaleshda(KC) (popularly known as KC) is no more with us. Your message describing KC ‘s activities related to Association and his behaviour, inter personal relationship, feelings and bonding with each and every person and their families right from the top of the echelon to the bottom and his able leadership really touch my heart. your vivid expressions through this message about him I must remember for long. KC perhaps is one of the co- founder members of our Association like Diwedi and others I believe. During his period and under his able leadership Association had reached a new height and before any vital decision, All India look to the East Zone( NICOA) I believe and in fact I have seen those days.. My hearfelt thanks to you as our EX General Secretary Confed to whom the baton has been rightly handed over and you have successfully played a long innings for a greater cause of our Association. I hope the present office bearers should definitely take a decision to arrange a condolence meeting shortly to pay tribute to this great leader and shall convey a message to his bereaved family. Sorry for urgent and absolutely personal reason I was not amongst those who were present at his funeral function.. Personally I may visit his Son at their house to pay my tribute to this great leader. May his Soul rest in peace.

  24. Sibajyoti Bardhan says:

    “A man never sees all that his ‘Mentors’ have been to him until it’s too late to let them know he sees”.
    First it was Ravida (PP Ravindranathan) and now Kamaleshda. My deepest condolences to the bereaved family.

  25. Sibajyoti Bardhan says:

    “A man never sees all that his Mentors have been to him until it’s too late to let them know – he sees ” First it was Ravida (Com. PP Ravindranathan) and now it is Kamaleshda. My deepest condolences to the bereaved family.

  26. Ashoke Choudhury says:

    One of the most popular leader of public sector non life insurance officers movement K.C.Das is no more.
    All PSU insurance officers loose one of their near dear& loved one specially the NIC officers.
    He lived a very simple life.
    For me his demise is a personal loss.I had not received many Petrons like him.
    His contribution towards the cause of non-life PSU insurance officers shall remain engraved in golden letters.

  27. T Sudhakaran says:

    Sri. KC Das ji, popularly known amongst his large circle of friends and followers in all the four gipsa companies across the country, is no more. His exit is a great loss for all those who have known him personally and interacted with him even once. MAY HIS SOUL REST IN PEACE.
    He was the torch bearer of NICOA and the general insurance officers association movement in the whole country and naturally NICOA was known as KC Das union. His popularity, his leadership qualities, his way of approach to any difficult problems, his ability to tackle any issues amicably, were all praise worthy.
    After his retirement in 2001 there was not many occasion for me to meet or interact with Sri. Kamalesh Daa, but my good friend Prabir used to be the bridge between us.
    “Every man dies but not everyone really lives.”

  28. Gautam Nag says:

    Sorry to hear the news of our Great Leader Kamleshda.MAY HIS SOUL REST IN PEACE

  29. A.K. Goel says:

    It is really paintaking and hard to believe that our beloved KCda is no more with us. His demise is a great loss to NICOA and personally to me. His popularity, leadership qualities, approach on difficult problems, ability to tackle any issue, were praised worthy. I had the opportunities to work with him and found him a through gentleman with a pleasing personality. All the PSU’s insurance officers losse their beloved leader and specially NICOAIAN friends.

    My big Salute to the Great & Respectable leader of NICOA. May his soul rest in peace.

  30. A K Ramakrishnan says:

    In the early eighties when we joined National, the Top levels of our Management interacted and recognised only the class III unions. It was the hard work of the early founders of our Officers Association under the leadership of Shri K C Das which brought recognition and respect for our Association. Slowly over a period of time the salaries and benefits of the Officers improved. Today all important issues are being discussed with our Association by the Management. The Officers community today is much stronger and better off than those early years.
    Shri K C Das will be remembered and respected by all of us for his contribution and commitment to the Officers cause. May his soul rest in peace.
    A K Ramakrishnan
    DGM(retd) National Insurance Co

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