Question 10

ACR related questions?

These type of questions will be common for those candidates in whose ACR there is a low rating/remark. The interviewer wishes to know the reason for the downgrade and wants to hear your side of story. In these type of questions rather than pointing anomalies (according to you) you should show promising future and steps you will be taking/have been taken after this downgrade.

Sample answer can be – Yes sir I agree there has been some lag in my performance which is showcased in my CR. I will not go into the details of the past but I want you to be assured that I am taking all the necessary measures to improve my performance. I have received not so good remark in innovation section of CR as you can see but after that I have asked my RTC for training in NIA pune for a course in young executive and also working towards making my work more in automation process. I am taking help of my IT dept. for developing an application for calculation of discount based on various factors to ease my work and my team’s.

With answer like this you have specified that no matter you have received a low rating but you are not stopping by that and will continuously work to improve yourself.

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